A Better Way to Wake-Up

The morning is cluttered with app check-ins and social media addictions. Cleu is an alarm clock that allows you to connect personalized services to create healthier morning routines.

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The Alarm Engine

2 out of every 3 smartphone-owners, use their device as a daily alarm clock. The problem arises when we set up multiple alarms to help wake-up. Cleu solves this pain-point through an ambidextrous 'connect-the-dots' gesture to allow for a simple brain activity. Cleu takes wake-up personalization a step further by allowing multiple snoozes.

Personal Network Updates

Community Content and Morning News are 2 of the top activities that help us wake-up and get going in the day. The problem arises when content is driven by unfair-bias or cluttered across social feeds. Cleu solves this pain-point by allowing us to stay updated with friends or family through voice snippets, while the news content is driven by personalized content filters.


Enhance Routines.png

Experience Driven Controller

As new 'smart' devices and services are released in to the market, they also come with an app that adds to fragmented daily experiences. Rather than focusing on the control functions of an appliance or smart device, Cleu drives the experience through morning routines such as premium music at every snooze, or coffee prepared regardless of our time in bed.

The best app for doing something you don’t want to do.
— MacLife
Cleu is always the first and last app that I use everyday.
— Cleu Customer