Master Plan

Our mission is to reduce digital addiction or mental health issues caused by the use of smartphones. By connecting daily behaviors in one experience, we can remove the need to check the device itself. Benefits include less device checks, less neck cramps, & extra time to focus.

This is a step-by-step plan to reduce the daily use of smartphones from 180 times to 0 per day.


Step 1: Build delightful daily experience.

By focusing on the 'ghost swipe' gesture problem on smartphones, we've created a delightful morning experience that ensures wake-ups without accidental swipes or snoozing. As the first product used every morning, this also helps build a daily routine.


Step 2: Learn environment preferences and routines.

By connecting with trusted IoT devices & service partners, we start to understand when the customer might want to eat, temperatures desired when waking up, or even daily rides to/from work. To deeply understand the customer, we must understand the contextual environment.


Step 3: Predict ahead and automate.

To precisely automate desired preferences, we use Artificial Intelligence to recognize patterns and inferences. By focusing on the precision of each automation, Cleu delivers a mobile experience that feels technologically seamless.