The State of Automation: 2016

It's late 2015. We're around the corner from yet another new year. This past year brought about an accelerated plethora of technology, devices, and services. In 2015, we saw the scale for some of the world's newest and most aggressive brands. For now, I will speak on the State of Automation and how automation applies to this new category of companies leading the Internet of Things space. 

When devices like Nest Thermostat and Philips Hue came about, there was quite the excitement. Consumers saw the vision for a 'brighter' and more 'connected' home. As time progressed, we were left with an even more fragmented experience. Each device's release was followed with another app to control or enhance the experience through our mobile device. 

Outside of the home, there was a huge spike of growth in on-demand services like Uber, Eat24, Washio, & more. As we started to enjoy the benefits of quick food delivery or no need to purchase a car, yet again, the experience started to falter as another set of apps joined our mobile screens. 

The problem being highlighted here is the need for our mobile device. The need to take our device out of our pocket over 180 times a day, to read notifications, check in with loved ones, or open an app to do one action and put the phone back in our pocket to repeat in a few seconds later. The problem is that we are attached to these glass displays. Although this technology is quite powerful, in the world of innovation, it's time for a new way to organize the technology in our lives. 

Let’s do an exercise and count the amount of apps we use every morning. I count alarm clock, messages, slack, calendar, weather, email, instagram, twitter, uber, maps to confirm best route, banking, and finally coffee. 12 different apps. 12 times I unlocked my phone. 12 times I shifted all of my attention to this display. 12 times I didn’t focus on the real world and in-turn took 12 undocumented risks. I haven’t even walked out the door yet. 

This is where it gets interesting.


The technology of automation is not new to us. In fact, the Industrial Revolution was very much built on the premise of automation. Assembly lines are a form of automation. Every-time you "repeat" a calendar event or alarm on your phone, automation. Even our bodies adjusting to the sun and behaving a habitual way everyday, is automation.

Fast forward to today. With the benefits of smart brains in our pockets or purse, we’re connected to the world and our surroundings in a magical way. I can connect with anyone across the globe and this device knows exactly how to extrapolate the data I need to perform my daily tasks. 

The cons to these devices can easily fall under the muscle aches, anxiety, attention deficit, sleep loss, and even battery loss categories. I won’t go in to detail here because the side effects of these smartphones and our constant attention to them, varies person to person, and device to device. 

The unfortunate truth is this will only get worse as we move forward. In fact, the average consumer will spend upwards of $500 over the next 3 years on smart devices. The enthusiast will spend upwards of $2000. 

We recognize this problem as a growing one, and it will only become more complex as the technology of tomorrow progresses at an astronomical rate. Pun intended Elon. 

Our solution is a system not limited to a device, but rather, an environment. We, as humans, define how large our environment is, who is in it, and all the other trimmings. We don’t however want to lose the technology that we’ve found so much benefit in. This is what we call at Cleu, a ‘Smart Event.’ By setting preferences ahead of time, Cleu automates the physical environment by connecting preferred devices and services of our liking. In-turn, we’re left with a seamless experience, whether it’s waking up everyday for work/school or an intricate date to woo that special someone. This means 1 app in the morning, and possibly, all day. 

As time progresses, automation will continue to advance through predictive models. This is where we will find efficiency in our daily lives, we never thought was possible. 

The future is here and Cleu is here to keep it all organized. I look forward to your feedback. Please be patient.