In the Few Minutes You Weren't Watching, the Connected Future Arrived

Originally published via Andrew Medal (Entrepreneur, 9/18/15)

I’m a futurist and IoT obsessed. The implications for a connected world are limitless. Our world is already so awesome, and is only getting better with our crazy advances in technology. In our pockets alone, we hold the computing power of what the most advanced countries held at their highest governmental levels just 20 short years ago. We have driverless cars cruising the streets, voice command everything, sensors that control anything, and just recently the Back to the Future II hover board was finally released!

I’ve been waiting for it since I saw the movie as a kid.

For those of us reading between the Google (Alphabet) lines, some subtle but huge moves are taking place: first off, they just released their new Internet of Things (IoT) operating system called Brillo, they’ve logged thousands of automated vehicle driving hours, stealthily rolling out expansion plans for their lightning fast Internet network called Google Fiber, and enhancing Google Glass to make it more sleeker and fashionable.

To recap: we have an operating system that will allow connecting to anything and everything, automated vehicles that drive themselves, lightning fast Internet networks and wearable glasses that give you instant Internet connection with voice command. Alphabet is positioning itself to roll out some serious connectivity.

In addition to all the above, check out these other IoT companies making some cool moves:


Cleu is the new smart alarm clock. It automates your smart home devices the moment you wake up and connects with everything. Cleu connects with Nest, and allows you to wake up comfortably by setting your thermostat to your preferred temperature the moment your alarm goes off. Cleu connects with Hue, which allows you to preset lighting ambiance to different alarms you’ve set at different times of the day. Cleu even connects directly with your schedule, so that your first appointments for the day can be pulled directly from your calendar and displayed on the home screen. Pretty nifty.